To help you find the best long term apartment rental in Paris for your stay, we have developed a few simple steps to help you with your search:
  • You can go directly to the “Apartment Request Form”, enter your arrival & departure dates and the number of people staying, fill the form and send us the form without actually selecting any apartments. We will recommend apartment rentals which match both your dates and requirements by e-mail so that you can then select a first and second choice from our rental suggestions.
  • However we do recommend that you look at the detailed apartment descriptions for furnished apartments that fit in with your dates :
    1. Go to the home page, you see “Start here / select date”, enter the dates of your stay, the number of people staying, and click “search.” You can sort the apartments by price, district, or number of bedrooms (click on “sort by”, and click on your choice).
    2. Click on “Add to my favorites” the apartment that you would like to reserve or the apartments that you like the most.
    3. Click on “Send Request ” to fill your rental request.
    4. Please complete the form with the basic information we need to help us process your request. Send it by clicking on send request at the end of the form. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail with the details of your request.
    5. If the apartment you have requested is available, we will then send you a quote by e-mail. If you wish to proceed, please let us know. (If we are unable to rent the apartment or if you selected more than one on the request form, you will receive an e-mail with links to apartments that are available asking you to give us your first and second choice)
    6. Upon reception, a lease agreement for your rental will then be e-mailed to you with the owner’s bank details. Please sign and return a copy of the lease and a confirmation of the bank transfer for the first payment to the owner as indicated in the lease. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE RENTAL PAYMENTS ARE MADE DIRECTLY TO THE OWNER AND NOT TO PARISTAY
    7. When you arrive, the owner or his representative welcomes you at the apartment, you get he "Inventory-Etat des lieux" and the keys, you give him a copy of the security deposit bank transfer statement and a copy of your insurance. YOU ARE AT HOME! HAVE A WONDERFUL STAY IN PARIS!!!
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