To help you find the best long term apartment rental in Paris for your stay, we have developed a few simple steps to help you with your search:
  • You can go directly to the “Apartment Request Form”, enter your arrival & departure dates and the number of people staying, fill the form and send us the form without actually selecting any apartments. We will recommend apartment rentals which match both your dates and requirements by e-mail so that you can then select a first and second choice from our rental suggestions.
  • However we do recommend that you look at the detailed apartment descriptions for furnished apartments that fit in with your dates :
    1. Go to the home page, you see “Start here / select date”, enter the dates of your stay, the number of people staying, and click “search.” You can sort the apartments by price, district, or number of bedrooms (click on “sort by”, and click on your choice).
    2. Click on “Add to my favorites” the apartment that you would like to reserve or the apartments that you like the most.
    3. Click on “Send Request ” to fill your rental request.
    4. Please complete the form with the basic information we need to help us process your request. Send it by clicking on send request at the end of the form. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail with the details of your request.
    5. If the apartment you have requested is available, we will then send you a quote by e-mail. If you wish to proceed, please let us know. (If we are unable to rent the apartment or if you selected more than one on the request form, you will receive an e-mail with links to apartments that are available asking you to give us your first and second choice)
    6. Upon reception, a lease agreement for your rental will then be e-mailed to you with the owner’s bank details. Please sign and return a copy of the lease and a confirmation of the bank transfer for the first payment to the owner as indicated in the lease. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE RENTAL PAYMENTS ARE MADE DIRECTLY TO THE OWNER AND NOT TO PARISTAY
    7. When you arrive, the owner or his representative welcomes you at the apartment, you get he "Inventory-Etat des lieux" and the keys, you give him a copy of the security deposit bank transfer statement and a copy of your insurance. YOU ARE AT HOME! HAVE A WONDERFUL STAY IN PARIS!!!

It’s very easy!

    Come to our website .
  1. You can see the place “Start here / select date” : Enter your arrival and departure dates. Enter how many people you are. Click on “search”
  2. proposes you a selection of high quality available Paris apartments located in the best central places. You can choose to sort them out by price, district or number of bedrooms (click on” sort by” and click on you choice).
  3. You can visit each apartment : You’ll find 20 to 30 photographs of each apartment, a localisation map, an access map, a full apartment description. Make your choice (you can choose several apartments) and add them to your favorites, by clicking on “add to my favorites”.
  4. Click on “Send request” and fill the form, send it. That’s it!
A reservation agent will contact and help you to reserve your apartment.
You’ll receive the agency agreement and then the lease.

Guidelines for good neighborly conduct

  • Respect your neighbors and try to keep on good terms with them (politeness and discretion).
  • Avoid making noise in communal areas when carrying luggage in the stairs, slamming the front door, running in the stairs, ...
  • Do not make too much noise in the apartment which would be likely to disturb neighbors (music or radio volume too high, slamming doors, talking louddly with the windows open, highheels on the floor ...).
  • Noise should be kept to a minimal level, if you think it might bother you, then don't do it yourself.
  • Observe the general prohibition in France to make noise after 10pm.
  • Follow the instructions and regulations posted in the building.
  • Do not smoke or crush cigarettes in public areas of the building.
  • Do not dispose of litter, paper or cigarette butts in public areas (staircase, lift ...).
  • Do not use the apartment for professional purposes, do not receive the general public in the apartment.
  • Do not displace the furniture around the apartment.
  • Throw your garbage in the appropriate garbage bins regularly and sort your garbage from your recycliables.
  • Do not leave the windows wide open when leaving the apartment.
  • Do not throw your cigarette butts out of the windows.
  • Keep your Paris short term rental and its content in good condition.

Communication avec Paristay

After filling a request form, please refer to the CONTACT PAGE, in order to reach an agent.
The first step must always be filling in a request form.


The rental price of your long term rental Paris includes rent, linens, towels. In each apartment’s description, there is a list of utilities included (sometimes Internet + Cable TV). Telephone and electricity are charged according to consumption (about 50€ to 100€ / month, depending on the size of the flat and on how much you use electrical heating and hot water).

The agency fees (to Paristay), see the commission rates page.
The rental price (to the owner).
The refundable security deposit (to the owner).
The check-out cleaning fees (to the owner or representant), see the commission rates page.

In the case of rental<6 months, the electricity counter is checked on arrival and departure.

Kilowatts used are to be payed by the tenant, they are deducted from the security deposit.

In the case of rental>6months, the tenant subscribes in his or her name, and pay the bills directly to the electricity company (except in certain cases where the owner has included the electricity in the rent).


The rent must be paid directly to the apartment owner by bank transfer.The owner must receive all payments net of all bank charges: The sending, receiving and currency exchange fees for international bank transfers are at the tenants expense.

The agency fees must be paid to Paristay by credit card using PayPal for less than 1000€ a payment by and bank transfer (from 1000€).

  1. First the agency fees to Paristay by bank transfer, or by credit card using PayPal.
  2. The rent will be paid to the apartment owner by bank transfer (the owner is an individual person who doesn’t have a credit card machine).
  3. The refundable security deposit is paid one week before arrival to the owner by wire transfer or sometimes by check (in Euros), depending on the owner policy.

Security deposit

The security deposit is usually returned fast after departure ,but it could take time in case of electricity bills to pay ,or if, for example, some repairs have to be done by workers in the apartment ( the legal deadline is 2 months ). Paristay works in confidence with the owners. If there is no damage in the long term apartements in Paris , no lost keys, no unpaid charges, the security deposit will be fully returned to you , as usual, without any problem. All french rentals require a security deposit.

The refundable security deposit is a reserve against actual damages, lost keys, unpaid local charges such as phone usage, and any (exceptionally) excess cleaning charges.

The refundable security deposit must be paid directly to the owner, not to Paristay. It must be paid by wire transfer or Euro check (depending on the owner policy), a week before arrival.

We would advise you to be very very careful with the keys to the Paris long term rental apartment.

  • Loosing a keys set is always a problem because we don't know who will obtain them. For security reasons, the owner has to change the door lock and all of the keys, which is quite expensive. The cost will be deducted from the security deposit. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY IMMEDIATLY.Call the owner or his representative as soon as possible (always keep the number of your insurance policy ,the telephone number of your insurance company and the tel number of the owner or his representative in your pocket!). Don't call just any locksmith from the yellow pages, most of them charge too much and don't do a good job.
  • You could also forget your keys inside the apartment: the door is simply closed but not locked.An honest locksmith can open it easily. But If you call any locksmith, if he is dishonest, he could break the lock voluntarily (even if it is not necessary) to sell you a new lock at a very high price!!! CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY IMMEDIATLY. Call the owner or his representative as soon as possible.
  • You could also break the key inside the lock CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY IMMEDIATLY. Call the owner or his representative as soon as possible If you cannot reach the owner or his representative during the night, you’d better go and sleep to an hotel. When you pay a service, always ask for an invoice or a receipt on an official document.
If you believe the locksmith was dishonest (he voluntarily broke or destroy the lock), you can call the Répression des Fraudes Office (8 rue Froissart 75153 Paris Cedex 03) 01 42 71 09 14, they will investigate.


Yes, you are required to bring your household multi-risk insurance certificate when you arrive at the long term apartments for rent in Paris . During our reservation process, we suggest for you to contact in Paris with a direct link. But you are free to choose your own insurer.

Yes, as stated in the lease contract you are required by french law to take out a multi-risk insurance policy. The statement given to you by the insurance company must be presented to the owner or his representative upon arrival. In France you are presumed responsible for any damages to the property, it’s the tenants responsibility.

This policy is not sufficient as it only covers damages done to the building (the owners furniture and appliances are excluded). Any other damages such as theft, broken windows and water damages are also exluded.

The owner of the extended stay apartments in Paris insures the walls and sometimes the furniture, nothing more (some don’t get insured at all or don’t take out a satisfactory policy).Some owners take out insurance for their tenants, tenant liability insurance, but as the tenant you would only be partially covered; see “tenant liability” above.

No, this policy only covers such events that occur between yourself and a third party (following article 1382 of the civil code). Any situation between the tenant and the owner are not taken into consideration. (following article 1732 of the civil code).

FAQ long term rentals

    Some agencies do not notify their customers of this obligation for the tenant to have multi-risk home insurance. A professional agency will always ask that you take out insurance. If you have any doubts about who you are dealing with check to see if they have:
  • A Travel Agency Licence Number from the Ministry of Tourism
  • or
  • A Certification Sales Reference Number from the Prefecture de Police of Paris.

Paristay long term rentals districts theme

In case of water link or fire
You have to call immediatly your insurance and your owner and make a statement to the insurance for long term rental.
Normally, your insurance will support damages (read your contract)
WARNING you have 2 daus to register this statement. If you don't, you will have to pay all damages.


We only do visits for long term stay in Paris (more than 6 months).
For the 3 to 6 months rentals, we always try our best to organise a visit but it’s not always possible.

Arrival and Departure

The best and easiest way to get into Paris from the airport is simply to take a van or taxi at the airport. It's normally about 40-50 Euros. The typical transit time is 1.5 to 2 hours after landing including luggage, customs, immigration, and driving time. . The second option to pre-schedule an airport van on the Internet. You can reserve directly on the website and it's easy with the luggage. Some of these services have an option that allows you to get an exclusive van so you don’t have to drive around Paris while they drop off other passengers. That way you can reliably make your apartment arrival time. They meet you upon arrival with a sign with your name on it. The usual taxi/van drive times from Charles De Gaulle Airport are about 1 hour depending upon traffic. . The third choice is to take the RER Train and Metro but the Paris metro is not luggage friendly and especially so after an airline flight when you are already tired. Additionally you will often have to walk and carry your luggage for the last part to the Paris long term apartment .

When you arrive at the apartment, the owner (or his representative) welcomes you. You check together room by room the condition and the contents of the apartment. If you find that the apartment is not clean, or if you notice that something is not in a good condition, you must indicate this on the Apartment condition - inventory document. Then both of you sign the "Apartment condition - inventory agreement". When you leave the apartment, after a verification, this agreement is signed again by both of you.


If a problem comes up (plumbing, electricity, heating, water link...), do not phone to a repair person. Instead, as soon as possible, contact the apartment owner to inform him of the problem. Do not pay out any money without the owner's approval.

FAQ short term rentals legales obligations Paristay


Theoretically, if you deliver an "intellectual" service to a taxable person for VAT EEC, since it has an intra-commnity VAT number, you do not charge it to the VAT.

But, among several derogations to this principle, if the service is attached to a building, in this case it is the place of the location of the property which determines the application of the VAT.

If the building is in France, the french VAT applies. So, we charge it.

You can contact the bilateral Chamber of Commerce, there is a procedure for refund.

I am an european fiscal subjet and i get an intra community vat number will you charge me vat on your agency fee

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