Paris apartment living

    In order not to disturb the inhabitants of the property during the rental of a parisian apartment :
  • Respect your neighbors and try to keep on good terms with them (politeness and discretion).
  • Avoid making noise in communal areas when carrying luggage in the stairs, slamming the front door, running in the stairs, ...
  • Do not make too much noise in the apartment which would be likely to disturb neighbors: music or radio volume too high, slamming doors, talking loudly with the windows open, highheels on the floor …
  • Noise should be kept to a minimal level, if you think it might bother you, then don't do it yourself.
  • Observe the general prohibition in France to make noise after 10pm.
  • Follow the instructions and regulations posted in the building.
  • Do not smoke, or crush cigarettes in public areas of the building.
  • Do not dispose of litter, paper or cigarette butts in public areas (staircase, lift …).
  • Do not use the apartment for professional purposes, do not receive the general public in the apartment.
  • Do not displace the furniture around the apartment.
  • Throw your garbage in the appropriate garbage bins regularly and sort your garbage from your recycliables.
  • Do not leave the heating on whilst also opening windows.
  • Do not throw your cigarette butts out of the windows.
  • Do not leave the windows wide open and verify that all taps and the oven top rings are turned off, when leaving the apartment.
  • Keep your Paris short term rental and its content in good condition.

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